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Supports Brokering helps YOU to lead and create the life of YOUR own accord and choice. 

Erin-001Erin’s in her early twenties and living with her parents, but has her heart set on moving into her own apartment with her girlfriends.  Erin self-directs her own services, and uses Values Into Action for Supports Brokerage.  Her Supports Broker has helped Erin and her family create a futures plan that will guide Erin as she develops her own path, independent of her parents.  Erin’s thrilled to be working at the local movie theater, and can now enjoy one of her favorite pastimes – she gets to see blockbuster films when they first hit the theatre, plus she’s saving extra money in anticipation of her big move.

“The greatest thing about Values Into Action is that I get to make my own decisions and learn the skills I want to learn. Plus my Mom works there too,” says Erin.

This service is offered only to people and their families who are directing their services through the Pennsylvania Participant Directed Services system. 

Supports Brokers provide coaching, consultation and guidance to people and their families as they assume employer of record or managing employer roles.  Everything from recruiting and supervising staff, to facilitating personal futures planning and community resourcing can be done by and with the Supports Broker.  Click on the link below to review a PPT overview of supports brokering as a service.

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The goal of Supports Brokering is to help people to lead and create lives of their own accord and choice.   Click here to visit our Supports Brokers Facebook Page.

Person-Driven Services Project

In our ongoing effort to lead the next generation of support and services for people living with disabilities, Values Into Action is collaborating with The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania (MHASP) and other key organizations on the Person-Driven Services Demonstration Project. Underway since the summer of 2013, we have working with our partners in building and training a team of Supports Brokers and in recruiting families to participate in this innovative project.  We are still looking to train more qualified individuals to be Supports Brokers and to enroll.

Build capacity for Supports Brokering/Recovery Coaching in PA.more people and families in the project.  Click here to view and download the PDS Project Application The PDS project will seeks to attain the following outcomes among others:

  • Demonstrate how and if person-driven service models are cost-effective and produce both greater quality of life outcomes and satisfaction with services.
  • Build support among PA disability service systems, policy makers and legislators for the personal and financial benefits of people with disabilities having control over their own services and supports, in particular, Cash and Counseling models.

The PDS project is supported by a grant from the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council.

Other Services Provided

No matter what the service, we promise to be kind to YOU without exception.

Interested in Talking to Us & Learning More?

Contact Javier G. Salazar, our Supports Brokerage Director, at 610-565-5177 or by email with any questions on Supports Brokering, the PDS Project, or if you are interested in becoming a broker.

You can also download and review the following Values Into Action and PDS Project documents.