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pam edited

Pam has a passion for art and loves to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Values Into Action helped Pam market her skills and now she has her own business selling her artwork.

We’ve helped Pam realize her capabilities, and encouraged her to make her own choices and realize her dream. 

 Read more about Pam here! 


Values Into Action provides several different types of Residential Services:

  • For people who want 24/7 staffing supports and receive residential subsidy.  We help you find a home that meets your accessibility needs,  and help you understand and sign the lease agreement.
  • For people who are capable of living self-sufficient with minimal supports, yet still qualify for the residential subsidy.  We help you find a home that best suits your preferences and budget, and we help you maintain your  home that accommodates your needs.
  • For some who choose to live with a family other than their own with whom they’ve built a strong relationship.  In this Lifesharing arrangement, Values Into Action provides the family a stipend for opening their home and providing ongoing support.  In return, the family gets financial and social well-being from the person living with them.

Other Services Provided

No matter what the service, we promise to be kind to YOU without exception.

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Contact Executive Director Marian Frattarola-Saulino, MSW at or 610-565-5177.