In Home & Community Support, Community Participation & Companion Services

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No matter what the service, Values Into Action promises to be kind to YOU without exception.

In Home & Community Support Services

  • In your home – It’s about helping you learn new skills, such as using your iPad to communicate, balancing your checkbook, riding the bus, cooking dinner or learning to play the guitar.
  • In your community – This can include activities like helping you learn to ride the bus, participate in activities of interest, and meet and engage with friends.

Meet Allen. He’s very active in the community, frequently visits his synagogue, likes to go to restaurants, socialize with friends, go shopping, and cheer on Philadelphia sports teams.  Allen had a career working at a nearby school, but is now enjoying retirement. With the help of Values Into Action, Allen can do all those things with ease. Watch our video of Allen learning how to use public transit to make his way around town. We can help you do the same!

Meet Matt. Matt’s days begin with breakfast in the community at local eateries. Depending on what Matt would like to do on a given day, he works with his Values Into Action staff to build and strengthen his relationships 2014-01-029and connections in his community. Matt particularly enjoys jogging and playing basketball at the YMCA, as well as checking up on old friends at the bowling alley. Staff support Matt with his communication skills – on his sign language skills and expanding his vocabulary. Matt volunteers at Meals on Wheels and the Delaware County Advocacy & Resource Organization. Matt’s team would like to support him in applying his volunteer experience to paid work opportunities in his community.

When asked if Values Into Action has helped him, Matt says, “Yeah! Yeah!”

His mother Donna says, “What’s most important to Matt is being able to decide what his day looks like and who works with him.”





With the help of his Community Support Worker, Joel is able to vote for his preferred political candidates, get out and about in his neighborhood, and take trips to downtown Philadelphia. He also loves his regular exercise sessions at the local gym!

Our knowledge, experience and commitment allows us to be your guide to designing and living the life you want.




Community Participation Support

This service is an alternative to segregated day services, and can include activities helping you learn to ride the bus, expand peer and community connections, and finding potential volunteer and interning activities. As we say, “the sky is the limit when you spend your days without walls.”

Meet Jeb. Jeb is a very active young man who enjoys being on the go all the time. Jeb spends his days in the community working on his independence skills and community integration, supported by staff when participating in different community activities he enjoys. Jeb has a weekly schedule of swim and horseback riding lessons. He enjoys being outside in the warm weather, playing the slots at the casino, dining out, and having lunch with his mom. Staff support Jeb with his communication and physical abilities to further his independence while in the community.

Companion Services

APRI and KSmithD

Our Companion Services provide staff to be with you whenever you need -whether you want someone to accompany you a social event,
or if you wake up in the middle of the night and need someone to help you feel safe.

Other Services Provided

No matter what the service, we promise to be kind to YOU without exception.

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