In the Spotlight: Pam “Foxy Lady” Price

Pam “Foxy Lady” Price has been using a wheelchair nearly her entire life, and she uses it to propel her feisty lifestyle and creative spirit.

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Pam was born with Cerebral Palsy, and endured many challenges throughout her childhood and as a young adult. Today, none of

these things hold her back. In fact, she’is realizing many of her dreams. A passionate artist with an incredible vision for turning old bottles into beautiful glass pieces, Pam has built her own business, “Foxy Lady Glass.” With the help of several service organizations, including  Media-based, Values Into Action, Pam is able to create and market her one-of-a-kind artwork.

This year, Values Into Action is celebrating its 10th year in operation. In 2005, Paul Saulino and Marian Frattarola-Saulino created Values Into Action – not from a corporate office, but from their own home. They didn’t use disability services’ funds to get started, but instead pooled their own resources. Without a single government contract or referral, Paul and Marian began offering people and their families an alternative to the standard system of services, which often meant people had to leave their homes, their families, and their communities to get the services they wanted and needed.  Instead, Paul and Marian built an organization that could help people determine their own life course, right in their own homes and communities.

Values Into Action is a non profit organization which helps people with intellectual disabilities, like Pam, throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  People and their families seek the services of Values Into Action to find the staffing supports necessary to get accessible housing, meaningful employment, opportunities to establish and cultivate friendships, and ways to be involved in their communities.

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“Through our work, we have met a lot of courageous people who wanted some help, but did not want to rely on government and professionals.   All of us want control over our lives, the big stuff like where and with whom we will live and the small stuff like what we’ll have for breakfast.  People with disabilities are no different in that regard,” Marian says.

Pam is one of those incredible people who joined Marian and Paul ten years ago and hasn’t left since. With their assistance – maintaining an accessible home that accommodates her physical disability, and helping her build her business – Pam has realized a life which she has chosen for herself.

“Pam is simply amazing – what an amazing story of surviving and of thriving,” says Marian. “If Pam wants something, Pam finds a way to get it. There is no obstacle she cannot overcome.  She and her wheelchair got her to a taping of The View and to the front of the set to meet Whoopie Goldberg. Pam gave her a customized bottle, compliments of the Foxy Lady herself. ​